The Benefits Of Sharing Your Life Stories

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The Benefits Of Sharing Your Life Stories. Many people like to keep their personal things private. However, there are also many others who like sharing their life story even if it is considered too personal. Sharing life stories is not a bad thing. It can be useful in so many ways. You might have read or heard life stories of others from many resources such as online site, magazines, newspaper, radio talk, etc. It is interesting to hear the life stories of others but do you think you should share yours?

There are many reasons why you can share your stories. It is not obligation because it should come out of your willingness to share. However, there are many reasons and benefits why sharing your life stories is a good thing.

Self Reflection

The Benefits Of Sharing Your

The Benefits Of Sharing Your

Sharing your life stories can be a great way for self-reflection. It is different when you keep your thought in mind and when you utter it. It is the same with when you keep your stories for yourself and share them. When you share your life stories, you can truly reflect of what happened. You get to have a moment to acknowledge things you never did before. You will also learn things that truly affect your present. When sharing your life stories, you go through things you experienced again. You will see yourself in better view because you get to see things you might not realize in the past.

Support Others

Sharing your life stories is also a great way to support and inspire others. Lots of people say that sharing your life stories can be healing. It is true but beyond that, you can also help others to heal. The things occurred in your past might be what others are currently experiencing. When they hear your life stories, they may feel like they are not alone. They will see that you have gone through similar things yet you survive. Your life stories can be some sort of guidance for others. It is so comforting to know that you are not all alone. This is far from experiencing judgment.

Sharing your life stories can be a good topic to start a conversation with others. Today, there are more people who are not shy or ashamed of sharing their own life stories even if it’s risk judgment or shame. Some topics even seems to taboo that most people choose to ignore it. However, you can be a bold one who share your life stories even when the topic is about minority. It can be an interesting topic in a conversation. Who knows what kind of power your stories hold that can change the others’ lives.

Sharing your own stories can also empower others to share theirs. It can be a great way to encourage others to speak up. When you start a conversation related to your personal struggles or experience, more people will feel encouraged to do the same. This kind of movement is inspiring and such a great support system. There are more to recognize when one is brave enough to tell their life stories.

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